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In the history of aviation there have been a handful of airplanes that have achieved true super-star status. Most have been bombers or fighters while some, such as the Douglas DC-3, became famous because of both their familiarity and their capabilities. Others, such as the Boeing B-17, became famous because they came from the factory with their own press-agent packed in the box who passed out news release after news release. But there is one airplane that is a super-star because of what it can do, what is has done and what it will do in the future. That airplane is Lockheed's Model 182-282-382, but which is known the world over as the Hercules.

Hercules and the Four HorsemenPope Pea Patch
315th Air Division463rd Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Wing
Operation Dragon Rouge/Dragon NoirC-130 Flareships
Formation FlyingKham Duc
Joint Task Force LEOCommando Vault
Troop CarrierC-130 Photographs
Special OpsVietnam Airlift Operations
Charlie ShaubSpare 617
Books Paul Meyer Accident Report 
 Pat Hatch Fire Flight

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