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     Sam McGowan     

                      Pima Air Museum
                                                                     Sam McGowan standing in front of a C-130A at the Pima Air Museum in February, 2004

(Yes, that is an A-model. Most of the A-models were modified in the mid-70s after they went to the Reserves, including conversion to 4-bladed props. This particular airplane was with the Tennessee Air National Guard in Nashville before it went to the Boneyard and then across the road to the Pima Air Museum.)

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 The Troop Carrier Story (Slide Show)

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Do you enjoy reading, especially about C-130 and Airlift History? Check out my Book List/Store - I've listed every airlift-related book I know about, along with links to Amazon.com. (Email me with any I haven't listed.)

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 My Dad and Uncle served with Eighth Air Force in England, flying B-24 Liberators 
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Barbecue - I grew up in rural West Tennessee, right in the heart of barbecue country. There is no better barbecue found anywhere!
The 1940s Air Terminal Museum is in the process of restoration. They have great monthly events!
Erle Bjorke - Erle's daughter Kristine is a friend of ours. Her dad died at Khe Sanh in 1967.  
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Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Association - If you are a veteran of the US Air Force troop carrier, tactical airlift or combat airlift mission, you should belong!
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C-119 Crash -  In February, 1954 when I  was eight years old, a C-119 Flying Boxcar flown by a local boy who had become a USAF pilot, crashed just outside the county seat. I've obtained a copy of the accident report and am reporting it here.
My Political Comments - Yes, I have political views and I'm not afraid to express them.
My thoughts on the disappearance of Holly Bobo from near my home in West Tennessee. After three years, two suspects have been charged with her kidnapping and murder! (Sadly, Miss Bobo's partial remains, including her skull, were discovered by ginseng hunters on Sunday September 7. The skull has been identified as hers.)
Pappy Gunn - When I was a young boy, I first heard about Col. Paul I. "Pappy" Gunn from a book my dad had picked up at Dyersburg Army Air Field after WW II. I am priviledged to be friends with his youngest son. Pappy Gunn is a true American hero and his family's story is the American story of World War II.
Airlift/C-130 Books and Book Store - A collection of airlift related books, with links to their pages on Amazon.com.
On May 23, 1968 Sgt Paul Meyer, a C-130 crew chief, stole his airplane. Read the Incident Report here.
Samantha is a friend of ours - her dad took a lot of the Vietnam airlift pictures. She has a Scrapbooking web site. Check it out!
On April 29, 2013 a Boeing 747-400 crashed after takeoff from Bagram Airport, Afghanistan with the loss off all on board. The terrible tragedy was captured by a video camera. I have posted my thoughts on this accident at Bagram Accident.
The loser Houston Texans could have taken college football legend Johnny Manziel in the #1 draft pick they "earned" by being the worst team in the NFL - My thoughts on Clowney, Manziel and the Texans.
An article about my relative, Thomas B. Utley, a Confederate Cavalryman during the War of Secession





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